CSCISD Staff Earns $250,000 in Student Performance Pay

For the second year in a row Carrizo Springs CISD has earned a Texas state “B” rating on the A-F Accountability Rating System. Because the staff has shown a tremendous amount of commitment in helping our district achieve a “B” rating, the school district will be distributing checks to all the employees according to the guidelines set by teachers on the Performance Pay initiative. This year three out of four campuses have received a “B” rating.  That is up from last year when only one campus received a “B”.  School board members and Superintendent Alberto Gonzales Ed.D. would like to thank all employees for a fantastic job and dedication to our students.  Dr. Gonzales stated, “This marks two years that the district has distributed $250,000 for a total of ½ million dollars based on performance pay”.  “We continue to look forward to a new and even more successful year and challenge all the campuses to be rated an “A” for the 2019-2020 school year”.