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Sandra Uriegas

Federal Programs Director
Mc-Kinney Vento/Homeless Liaison
830-876-3503 Ext 1201


Debra Alaniz-Gonzalez

Federal Programs Coordinator

Foster Care Liaison
830-876-3503  Ext 1203


Noemi Galan

Federal Programs Secretary
830-876-3503  Ext 1202


Lupe Sanchez

Migrant Clerk
830-876-3503 Ext 1203


Dr. Carlos Peña

Migrant Counselor 

McKinney-Vento/Foster Care Liaisons 2016-17

District McKinney-Vento Liaison:

Sandra C. Uriegas


District Foster Care Liaison:

Debra Alaniz-Gonzalez 


CSHS Campus McKinney-Vento Liaison:

Nydia Rodriguez

Roxanne Miranda



CSJH McKinney-Vento Liaison:

 Melissa Garza


CSI McKinney-Vento Liaison:

Alicia DeLeon



CSE McKinney-Vento Liaison:

JoAnn Sosa

Ana Morones


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