Carrizo Springs Intermediate

CSCISD will provide every child superior quality education in a safe environment to inspire students to reach their goals




    WEEK OF APRIL 6 - 10

    MONDAY - THURSDAY 10:00AM - 12:00PM & 4:00PM - 6:00PM

    WEEK OF APRIL 13 - 17

    TUESDAY - FRIDAY 10:00AM - 12:00PM & 4:00PM - 6:00PM

    WEEK OF APRIL 20 - 24

    MONDAY - FRIDAY 10:00AM - 12:00PM & 4:00PM - 6:00PM


    4th Grade Teachers       Remind Code                                          Email
    Elizabeth Gonzalez        @4cb76d                       
    Linda Estrada                @4cb76d                         
    Rosie Mendiola              @4cb76d                      
    Jeana Ayala                   @ayalasm                           
    Sonia Navarro               @navarro4g                  
    Xylina Moctezuma         @xmoctezuma           
    Iracema Rodriguez        @ffeka3g                     
    Sally Loquisan               @msloq                         
    Monica Ramirez             @ffeka3g                      


    5th Grade Teachers      Remind Code                                          Email
    Mary Gonzalez             @89hk3e                      
    Victoria Cardenas        @4ag378b                   
    Adrian Zacarias           @dgk277                        
    Valerie Carroll             @aba2s2                           
    Luis Costilla                 @hdkbb6                          
    Mayra Orosco              @readingmso                
    Carmen Cadena           @h7d6ae                          
    Marisol Cardenas        @26d2b4                      
    Edgar Guerrero           @df96hb                         


    6th Grade Teachers    Remind Code                                            Email
    Daisy Aguilar              @c4gacc                                 
    Elaine Coleman-Garcia @c3c6gg                         
    Stephanie Sanchez     @84cca7c                       
    Yaqueline Rodriguez  @cahegb                        
    Gloria Serafin             @gserafin20g                       
    Maria Jaime                @wogeo20 or @labs2020  
    Maria Silos-Galvan     @silosg1   @silosg2   @silosg3
    Richard Gatica            @9k9dk8                              
    Marisol Garcia            @9k9dk8                             


    Resource Teachers                                                       Remind Code                                         Email
    Evelyn Martinez Dyslexia-CSI                                     @hc76b2 
    Jennifer Hunter Special Education - 4th grade          @hunter2028                  
    Jennifer Hunter Special Eduacation - 5th grade        @hunter2027                  
    Jennifer Hunter Special Education - 6th grade          @hunter2026                  
    Linda Weatherwax Special Education - 4th grade     @bb28de                
    Linda Weatherwax Special Eduacation - 5th grade   @lweatherw           
    Linda Weatherwax Special Education - 6th grade     @lweatherwa         
    Buffie Garcia Life Skills - 4th Grade                           @afb98e                          
    Buffie Garcia Life Skills - 5th Grade                           @ac46bc                          
    Buffie Garcia Life Skills - 6th Grade                           @98a38f                          



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Our Mission

  • The Carrizo Springs Consolidate Independent School District (CSCISD) is a school district headquartered in Carrizo Springs, Texas.  CSCISD serves all of Dimmit County, including the cities of Asherton, Big Wells, and Carrizo Springs.  The district also serves several unincorporated areas, including Brundage, Carrizo Hill, and Catarina.  The district serves an enrollment of approximately 2,450 students.