• Please select the appropriate link to meet with your counselor or College Readiness Coordinator for online advising through Google Hangouts Meet. Students must be signed in to their school provided Google account to access the link. Please make sure that the device you're using has either a webcam, microphone, or both. 
    If you have any questions, please email or call the Counselor's Office for further instructions. 
    NOTE: Students should log onto the meeting at their appointment time, not any sooner unless advised otherwise. 
    Mrs. Rodriguez
    830-876-9393 x4315
    Ms. Cardona
    830-876-9393 x4019


  • Berta Garza

    Counselor's Secretary

    830-876-9393 x4314


    Dr. Roxanne Miranda

    9th & 11th Grade Counselor

    830-876-9393 x4314


    Nydia Rodriguez

    10th & 12th Grade Counselor

    830-876-9393 x4314


    Nichole Cardona

    College Readiness Coordinator

    830-876-9393 x4019